Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Shadow Warriors on Multiple Reading Devices

Sometimes, an item stays on one's "to do" list for a long time, and merging together the chapters of The Shadow Warriors and formatting the novel for Smashwords is one of those tasks.  Finally got the MS together and did the reformatting.  Lots of errors, and I was ready to set my hair on fire, then suddenly the doc was okay.  I remember how much work the formatting for Booksurge (now Createspace) was.  OMG.  Then a year ago, Amazon offered to format the novel for the Kindle for chump change.   But if I wanted The Shadow Warriors available on the Nook and other e-readers, well, there was Smashwords to smash through.  The MS had been on at least five computers, maybe more, and as many permutations of Word.  I suspect it was written on Word Perfect.  You get the idea.  Operate on the patient and there's a lot of adhesions from old surgeries, shall we say.   Ick.   

All of the e-publishers want basically the same kind of formatting now, so one has to suck it up (!) and learn good habits.  Still, it's hard to break the bad old habits.  I learned to write on a typewriter for cryin' out loud.  So it goes.  I want this to proceed well, because I am hoping to get the novel out there on all the various e-readers in time for holiday shopping.  In the meantime, my own holiday shopping is falling behind.  We did put the wreath up today, and the lights are up due to some excellent New England weather.  So there is good karma all round.  Let's hope it stays for a while.


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