Friday, November 25, 2011

Earla of second best stuffing fame

Earla and Grapeshot 

My mom Earla, was a great cook, and I hope I take after her.  Her fried chicken was second only to my Grandma's.  Those Kansas ladies sure did know how to fry a chicken.  As a kid, I loved her spaghetti and meatballs, which she seldom made.  She made a lot of old standards:  meatloaf, roast beef (well done) roast pork, chicken, burgers, casseroles (although I don't recall any.)  Surely she made casseroles.  In later years, she became a typical sixties cook with short cuts and Campbell's soup.  She made a mean rum cake from a cake mix.  The ladies who had always had to cook from scratch  gravitated to short cuts.  Who can blame them?   These were the days before permaprest clothing and appliances that did everything.  My mother belonged to Eastern Star, Woman's Club, Garden Club  and she entered contests (and won) like crazy.  If she had been born in my day, she would have had a career.  She was the best gardener ever, and knew trees, flowers and nature.  Could hook a trout with a fly.   Cleaned like it was indeed next to godliness.  Nagged me for my own good.  Made me help at home.  Big time.  I cleaned the bathroom sink every morning, ironed everything except my Dad's shirts, mowed the lawn, painted the fence (like Tom Sawyer) and made meatloaf once every fortnight.  Dried the dishes since I was old enough to until we (thank you, God) got a dishwasher.  Cleaned my room.  Picked the beetles off my Grandma's potatoes.  Put upon, mind you.

We never appreciate our parents when young, only after they're old or gone.  What a shame.  My granddaughter (her great granddaughter) gobbled down Earla's stuffing like crazy.  How I wish my mom were here to see that.  She would have laughed, but been pleased.  I'm so happy I found the recipe again. 

A lost recipe is a terrible thing.   Thanks for everything mom.  I have you to be thankful for. 

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