Friday, January 22, 2021

Writing Goals for 2021


Now that January is practically history, what are my writing goals for 20 21? 

 1)  Finish my Mennonite mystery set in south central Kansas.  Too long, too long, I've been hammering away at it.  This has never happened before, that it's taken so many years to finish a book. I've got about eight scenes left in 1953 and some scenes in 2019.  (Notice I am avoiding the Pandemic.)  It is really hard to write about nice people, although not everyone in the book is nice, but most are. You need conflict.  This is like pulling teeth.  

The story is about a thirty-nine year old Mennonite widow who practically trips over a body as she leaves a cafe in her small  hamlet. She is so outraged about this crime, that she gets involved in the solution, so we have an unusual amateur sleuth. 

I took a research trip to Kansas a few years ago,  It was wonderful and so many ideas presented themselves.  Developing all the ideas has not been easy.   

The photo above is why my grandparents lived in this tiny town Kansas.  I have given my main character, Lizzie Bender Ledoux, a small Sears Roebuck house.  It has been so much fun to fix the interior as Lizzy would do it.

2) Once "Lizzie" is done, I need to finish my short story "The Powwow," set in  1956 at the time of a terrible plane crash over the Grand Canyon.  Shelly, the protagonist has traveled to Flagstaff with her father who is looking for a new business.  Shelly is looking to get away from small town life in the summer. The problem with this story (unfinished for  years and years) is that it is based on a real trip I took with my Dad, which had, in retrospect some odd and worrisome aspects.  Now, I need to create an event that never actually happened, which  I am squeamish about.  No one knows that this is almost a true story except you folks reading this post.  I have to finish, but it will be hard.

UAL DC-7.jpg
A Douglas DC-7 similar to one of those that crashed. 

3) What's next?  To do concurrently, beaucoup PR is needed  for my recently published mystery, Murder In the North Woods

Murder in the North Woods is an amateur sleuth mystery.

 She’s into high tech. He’s into homicide. The North Woods rock and roll when a savvy cyber-sleuth teams up with a hunky homicide cop to route corporate miscreants and to solve a murder.

 When she arrives in Wisconsin’s North Woods, Laura Goode discovers her only contact is now a corpse. The information officer at Great Northern Shoe Company was a local Lothario whose killer could be anyone from an enraged husband to a bitter factory worker whose job is heading overseas            

 Working undercover, Laura digs in, but office politics thwart her mission to determine who is g subverting the project. Adding more complications to her life, boyfriend Jack, a homicide cop visits unexpectedly, and makes friends with the local cops. Her soon-to-be ex-husband also makes an appearance. Laura welcomes Jack’s help, but he’s also a distraction as she segues from boardroom to bar room, trolls for bass, hunts hackers, and tries to rescue her kidnapped cat, all while getting closer to the murderer.  The raft trip from hell provide a bizarre but thrilling climax.

  It's hard to write and to publish during the Pandemic.  

Here are some excellent writers who will have their own thoughts on writing in 2021.  

Skye Taylor
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Rhobin L Courtright


I hate, hate, hate this  new version of blogger.  This post took 3 times as long as it should have.  The help was hardly any help.  Grrrr.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Party Menu:  probably from the seventies for a sales meeting




Mushroom Quiche

Hot Creamy Beef Dip

Liptauer Käse



Sweet pickles

Dill pickles

3 breads (Italian + rye + pumpernickel)


Filet of Beef with Sour Cream Caper sauce

Salad Niçoise

Omi’s Potato Salad

Zucchini & Tomato Salad


Butter Cheese


Linzer Torte





From the menu, this is for a group of mostly Germans: 
Liptauer cheese, liverwurst, Omi's potato salad (German), butter cheese, Linzer Torte, and Glögg

I am amazed that I could assemble and cook so many dishes.  Obviously before I became a working woman. Hot creamy beef dip was a  popular hors d'oeuvre in those days. Filet of beef was popular and did not break the bank.  I'm sure I made the Linzer Torte myself.  
You can find recipes for hot creamy beef dip on the web.  It was popular back in the day.  
Omi's potato salad was my mother-in-law's recipe.  Unusual and delicious.  If there is any demand, I can print it on the next post.  It is not vegetarian.  
Liptaur cheese is from the Austro-Hungarian  empire.  If you Google it, be sure to get Joseph Wechberg's recipe. He contributed to the late Gourmet Magazine way back when.