Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Sucking It Up in the Snow

Why do I feel a bad case of cabin fever coming on when I was out  yesterday morning and in New York City from Thursday - Sunday?  Grocery shopping on Monday. 

This morning, with all good intentions I decided to take a cake of suet out to the empty bird feeder.  But I couldn't.  The way around the garage had  5 feet of snow.  The door to the deck is blocked.  I thought maybe the sidewalk and then a slog thru the yard, but the shovellers had a big wall by the sidewalk, too big to plow thru with good intentions and feet.  I seriously thought about jumping out the living room window (crazy, I know), but the icicles were like pointy daggers, and I whacked at them, but didn't get them all.  Besides, (duh!), how would I get back into the house?  Marooned in the back yard and having to call 911.  How embarrassing would that be? I did have my phone along.   I flung bird seed out the open window, and the juncos were there almost immediately.  On the front porch, we have titmice, chicadees, juncos, turtle doves and bluejays.  And one exotic sparrow.  Marsh?  Swamp?  Downy, Hairy, and one big mother of a flicker eat at the suet feeders, one of which either fell down or was ripped down by a ravenous raccoon, and the other is empty.  The third one still has a bit of suet.  When it's gone, I absolutely have to figure out a way.   

In Boston yesterday, a coyote fell thru the ice of the Charles River (in a very urban area) and was rescued.  I hope people have found a way to feed the feral cats.  In New York on Fifth Avenue in a posh neighborhood, a flock of sparrows was all fluffed up and cheeping hungrily.  Doubt if anyone is feeding them.  Maybe feeders in Central Park.  Have wonderful photo of hundreds of pigeons on a power line. 

So, you are asking, how much snow do we have?  See below.
View from our front porch.
East Side, West Side, All Around the town of Old New York
Before the last storm.  Even higher now.  Ye gods!

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