Thursday, February 03, 2011

Cabin Fever

How is it possible to have Cabin Fever when not confined to the cabin?  State of mind.  We have a state of siege.  Snow siege.  It annoys me that I cannot get to the back yard.  I thought about going out via the cellar door, but it has two feet of snow on it.  The snow in the yard won't bear my weight. I tried walking around the garage this morning.  Impossible.   We found another suet feeder and hung it up on the front porch.  In the meantime, the flicker and friends are on the last pecks of the backyard suet.

Even in Chicago in the winter of 1979, we could get to the backyard.  I have no desire to wade through waist deep snow.  What if I get stuck?  How embarrassing would that be?

The post-Christmas snow caterpillar has morphed into the sinister shape.  The cats have a hard time bird watching, because the birds are way up on the snow and the cats are down on the living room floor.  The orange cat has been inconsolable the past few days.  Does he, too, have cabin fever?  He likes to sleep by the hot air vents in the kitchen and the bathroom.  He sleeps on top of me whenever he gets a chance. 

I-tunes is playing a Latin version of Volare.   The first time I heard this song I was playing water frisbee in a swimming pool in Aurora, Colorado with a guy named Tim.  A million years ago.   

I am making a recipe from Gourmet for dinner, a diet chicken pot pie.  Ye gods, the ingredients list!   And I think I didn't get the sauce thick enough.  Instead of crust it has mashed potatoes (with low-fat sour cream) on top.  Sounds pretty good.  Definitely from scratch.  We're going to have some white chili next week.  In this weather it is temping to make comfort food with loads of calories.  Discipline.  Discipline. Yup.

A long ago Thanksgiving in Puerto Vallarta at Daquiri Dicks
It's hard to write.  It's even hard to rewrite when one has this "siege" mentality. Ah, for I have forty pages of edits left.   Then that book gets put away for a while.  I need to get World of Mirrors on the Kindle because The Shadow Warriors is doing all right.  How about them apples?  I haven't publicized it because I accidentally tossed my hand-written "plan" away.   Just a few modest mentions so far and of course blogging on Suspenseful Sunday with Seven Sentences.

This business in Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, and even Yemen is so interesting.  Who would have thunk it?  I watch a lot of TV and read three daily papers, dinosauress that I am.  Astonished to find two women who have never heard of the "Tiger Mother."  Astonished that people can go thru $160,000 for a college education and not learn anything.  Astonished by how high the freaking snow is.

I will never cease being astonished.  Astonished that my book is selling.  It has a good description of the Boston Public Garden and Fanieul Hall in winter.  Normally, I write summer books.  Now I know why.
I long for Southern Climes?  Puerto Vallarta anyone?


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