Sunday, January 30, 2011

Seven Suspenseful Sentence Sunday - Week Four

Earlier in the evening, I had admired this green-roofed boathouse with its little cupola, the big sloping upper story dormer windows, and the neat white doors of the boat bays. Now, in the light from Tom’s lantern, we confronted the dark cavernous space with the fetid smell of lake. 
The light revealed two big compartments with a pontoon boat floating in one, and an old speedboat moored in the second. The water, made restless by the storm, lapped and sloshed below us, causing something to creak. The lantern beam flitted over a wall plastered with oars, a fishing net, a snorkeling mask, and yellow life preservers.
 “Daddy, this place is scary and there’s no place to sit,” said Shelly when Tom put her down.
Amen to that.

From Promiscuous Mode

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