Thursday, April 22, 2010

Computer Nightmares

So, I have the ancient (2002) version of MS Money (alas no more) on my dying Dell which has unaccountably lost its internet connection, and I also have a 2010 version of Quicken on my new Mac Mini, and from the looks of things, never the twain shall meet.  I won't bore you with my efforts to figure out how to port the old Money files to the new Quicken, but suffice it so say it's been ugly. 

Unfortunately, my life is on Money.  Two small (very small) businesses, all the accounts, and even my Paypal accounts are tracked on Money.  I've always really liked it.  Easy to use, good reporting, etc.  Never did use the brokerage stuff, so that isn't the issue.  And I can't start fresh--have to bring the 2010 files, and preferably the 2009.  To repeat, ugly. 

The dying Dell  (6-7 years old) constantly runs out of virtual memory, although I took everything I could off of it when I went to the new MAC.  No matter.  I was in IT for 25+ years and I always loved computers:  big blue mainframes, HP 3000 midrange, PC's, and everything in between.  Software?  Yup?  I even wrote a few apparently unsaleable novels about the life and loves of a computer crime sleuth.  She loved technology, too. No more.  

Computers are difficult.  Not very intuitive.  Not very nice.  They sure as hell don't play well with others.  And I have no fancy phones or apps, just a vanilla cell.  Falling behind the technology eight ball.  Oh crud! 


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