Tuesday, September 01, 2009

What Was She Thinking?

I'm afraid the mothers of twenty-somethings have fallen down on the job. In the crowd at the Kennedy ceremonies, standing with his staff in front of the office, there were a few young ladies dressed to party. Now black is one thing, and decolletage and strapless are something else entirely. And flipflops? A strapless dress and flipflops for a funereal occasion? What was she thinking? I don't know. Mothers need to teach daughters how to dress, because one sees inappropriate dress all the time.

And the guys standing in line to pay respects in cut offs and shorts didn't look too respectful, either. Looked like they were going to go home and wash the car. Boston is always pretty bad about inappropriate dress, but one would think in Washington. . . well, maybe they were from Boston, the unstyle, clueless fashion capitol of the world.

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