Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It's been raining since I got back from Florida on the 5th of June. We are growing webbed feet. The tomatos will have the flavor of rain water, or cardboard, or elements of both. Tomatoes need sun. Curses!

This weekend, peaches were on sale. Bought peaches, strawberries, bananas, etc. Now everything is ripe at once. Making a peach crisp, but it serves eight and we are two. Grapeshot and S.O. plus eight.

It took me the longest time to figure out who Jon and Kate were, and now they are getting a divorce with eight little kids. These reality show suck more than anything. But they are popular and of course, they're cheap to produce. Give me Entourage, or Damages or In Treatment any day. Hell, I'll even take Hercule Poirot. Love the golf, love the baseball. Even tennis. Real reality, real drama, real conflict, not a bunch of b.s. I like authenticity.

Writing a bit again. Much to do. Miles to go.

A friend sent a link to some flickr photos. Near Gerlach, Nevada, as the end of the road, but not the railroad. Fab. photos, and what a rainbow. Noah himself must have ordered it.


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