Friday, May 08, 2009

Plant Buying Day

The day(s) we trek to Briggs or Pollilo's or all the way to Windy-Lo Nursery are better than any other days, birthdays, holidays, lazy days, days on vacation.

Today the sun shone down after a long week of clouds and rain. The temperature was a mild 70 degrees, and we were off to Briggs. En route, I have to give myself a little pep talk, the nature of which is "don't buy too much, don't spend to much, don't go crazy and grab inappropriate plants no matter how pretty. Get something old, something new and something blue. Fill the spots you have. Don't go crazy."

It is soooo tempting. The pots! The wind chimes! All the garden accoutrements just waiting for one's Master Card. Sigh!

We bought tomatoes, basil and parsley, all things I don't have growing from seed. Also two pea plants to climb a trellis and maybe even provide ta! da! PEAS. Reliable petunias for the other window box. Some new stuff for a planter, and of course nasturtium seeds for the strawberry jar. Another creeping phlox for the rock garden. Two fab begonias for the deck.

I have rosemary, lots of wintered over geraniums and cuttings (large by now) of coleus to take outdoors. We also got a fuchia for the front porch. One did all right there last year. Did not buy the bag of impatiens yet.

Now, of course, all the stuff has to be planted, either this afternoon or tomorrow. Then I can feed and water and hopefully pick and harvest and bask in the glow of the garden, enjoy the hummingbirds and the butterflies and nuture my new babies.

Today is my favorite day, plant buying day. What's your fave?


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