Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mystery, Science Fiction and Fantasy

I got out my robot fish story this week and spent some time on it. There were some bad sentences and also some boring sentences, and I trust those have been put to bed. This wasn't really a crime story, although drug running and spying played a major part in it. It is certainly not a mystery. The fish was mostly science fiction and part fantasy, but most of all it was a character study. Odd how these stories take shape.

My other short story, now submitted, was also a character study. Nothing much happens, but it's what doesn't happen that's important. Maybe I am a literary writer. Fortunately, the story is still a "story" with a beginning, middle and an end.

I have a cat story, told, of course, from the cat's point of view that I need to get down on paper. For me, short stories take forever to write and re-write. Almost as bad as a novel.

Then there's my long short story about an accident that also needs to be told. Most of the research is done, the plot is in place. So write it, girl.

And Maxine is waiting, with a kid running around in an electrical storm trying to find a lost cat.

Where do you send science fiction? I found three magazines. I'm sure there are more. You can google them if you want to submit. They also pay pretty well, a fact that gladdens the heart.

Fantasy & Science Fiction, Analog Science Fiction and Fact, and Asimov's Science Fiction. I'm so glad I found them. The fish, Francis, is glad, too. Francis is amazed that he can experience "glad." Now I'm wondering about my cats.


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