Monday, May 04, 2009

The Boston Globe

If the Boston Globe disappears, I'll have to change my life. Every morning, S.O. brings the Globe up to the bedroom with my coffee, and I drink and read until I am awake. This is a 26 year old ritual, and the Globe, like the coffee, is a daily fix. I can't even imagine life without it, and my favorite columnists, the curmudgeonly Alex Beam, the sports write-ups, the recipes and restaurant reviews. All the stuff I read about. Even the Craig's List Killer.

I mean, what could possibly replace the daily paper? I began reading The Denver Post when I was a young teenager, and at college I read the Houston Chronicle, then continued life with the St. Louis Post Dispatch, and the the Chicago Tribune. The daily paper is a part of my life, and I mean the LOCAL daily paper. We also get (hopeless readers that we are) the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.



It would be awful if all those people lost their jobs. People I know. This just can't happen. I blog, I tweet, I friend, but I also read newsprint.

This just can't happen.


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