Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Big Birthday

Here we are in Boston on our "Staycation." Note the words "stay" and "cat." We stayed home for the kitties, who had enough trauma for one week with Annie's seizure. They seem to be back to normal.

Yesterday we viewed the Titian, Veronese, and Tintoretto exhibit at the MFA, then had a lovely if expensive brunch in the main dining room. Obviously one pays for the live music, the luxurious banquettes, the serenity and the garden view. But nice. I think I liked Tintoretto best. Always a soft heart for rebels.

I got a Kindle which has provided awe that one small device could be so cool. I've always wanted an e-book reader ever since I first pubished the Shadow Warriors as an e-book, or rather RFI West did. I am still getting used to it. Downloaded a Josephine Tey book first as a great price.

About the birds there is the following to say: they are scarce, and I hope it's because they are feasting on those $#**!$ inch worms. The goldfinches are at the thistle seed feeder in force, and yesterday with three males, there were a lot of fights. The hummingbird is back at her feeder, so sweet. Sometimes I spy her in the tree. We finally saw a chipmunk. Something decimated them over the winter.

Carnage on Cocasset Street. Hope it wasn't the neighborhood fox. And the white geese are missing from Glue Factory Pond. I know. Horrible name. Whatchagonna do? I carry all the wildlife worries in my breast.

The beets and the spinach have been transplanted to their proper homes, and now the garden is officially "ready." We will still get a bag of impatiens tomorrow. Lots of work and many tasks this year.

How about that orange rhoddy? I am the proud mom.


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