Friday, May 22, 2009

La Laiterie

Last night we ventured to Providence and finally ate at La Laiterie in Wayland Square north of Brown. OMG! The cheese plate was to die for. The green salad did not bore us and the mussels! Yum! Ate way too much bread sopping up the sauce. The restaurant is closing for renovation, and will open again in the fall.

We managed to hit Brown graduation weekend with huge crowds and traffic and I had to remember my own college graduation and how I dragged my parents to a middle eastern restaurant and then an Indian steak house. I know! Sounds strange. Houston for you. The cows were not sacred. Nope! I don't know what my Kansas grandma thought of such weird food. In those days it would not have occured to me to ask if these cuisines were all right with everyone.

I'm revising Festival Madness for the umpteenth time. Seems to be getting incrementally better.

We had a cat crisis this week and cancelled my birthday trip (Big birthday) to Montreal. Poor Annie had a seizure, witnessed by all. She is O.K. Back on diuretics and now thyroid meds. Freaked her out, as it did Thisbe her housemate and both S.O. and I. How can you leave town when the cats need you badly? It would be so stupid to go and wonder how things were at home every other minute. So we're having one of those staycations.

So far so good with dining and shopping and gardening and a walk. My orange rhoddy is abloom, and I'll post a photo tomorrow.

I am totally freaked out about this birthday. Major bummer. But the writing comes along and if I'm ninety when I publish, well, so be it. Wouldn't be the oldest author.

Not any wiser, that's for damn sure.


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