Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How Doth Your Garden Grow?

Eating fresh herbs and lettuces almost every day. The spinach looks promising. We had a cool damp day which is good for the cold weather crops.

The blankety-blank hummingbird feeder is leaking sugar water all over everything. Despair!

New bird today. Black and white with pointy beak, a little small than a robin. Lots of birdsong down by the slough.

I made stuffed escarole, a vegetarian, Italian recipe tonight. Stuffed with seasoned rice, it was pretty good. Enough for two meals.

Making preparations to visit South Florida to finish research on my fem jep novel. Very exciting.

Cats are back to normal, except Annie had a bad dream this afternoon. Now wouldn't it be incredibly cool to understand cat dreams?

I have a good cat story I want to write. Too many projects. No time to be bored. That is good.

More anon.


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