Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mad Men

I came to Mad Men last season and couldn't wait for it to begin again. The thing about the show is, I feel like an in-the-know insider. How could this be?

We once lived in a neighborhood with lots of those mad men, hard drinkers and smokers all, and I served on various committees with them and met them through committees their wives served on. That sort of thing. To a man they had a cool, ironic sense of humor that I loved.

The pretty blonde wife (Betty Draper) should be on a committee or two for versimiltude. Should I write the producer?

Today, watching last week's program before tonight because the Olympics is playing hell with my free time, viewing habits, sleep--god I'll be glad for the closing ceremonies--oops, long sentence. Today I realized who the real life model for Don is, and wild horses couldn't drag it from me.

From Those Wonderful Folks Who Brought You Pearl Harbor, a great book by Jerry della femina (hope this is spelled right) with big insights into the advertising agency culture, told some tales out of school and I knew who he was talking about, and it's the same person that Don is modeled after. Has to be. It is so fun to be in on something.

I love the furniture and lamps and paintings, even the clothes in the show. They've done it right, and I also like that Peggy Olsen is no raving beauty and I guess we're all wondering what's going to happen with the new young priest.

Of course, it's a soap opera, but then so is life. Love the drinking and smoking, even at the office drinking, ah those were the days, my friend.

Don is in his way a lot like Tony Soprano, don't you think? It's the same show built around different characters. We always write the same book over and over again.

These Sunday morning insights are creating a huge desire for a drink, which would actually be another cup of coffee. Ha. Ha. Fooled you.


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