Saturday, August 23, 2008

Issues that no longer worry me

Photo is 2002 at the DPW Parade.

The last Jack Rabbit Speaks before The Man arrived yesterday. I have been sighing a lot and wishing I would be in Black Rock City, Nevada come Monday, but alas, this year it was not meant to be. Maybe next year. That's what I always say.

When I read the articles in the links below, I didn't know whether to laugh or be appalled. I must confess at the mention of "Latex Gloves," I inadvertently thought of rubber gloves, the kind you do dishes with. Hey, I am a suburban housewife, and although the dishwasher powers up at our house once a day, rubber gloves still have their uses, but not the kind mentioned. Ye gods!

Warning: these links are probably not for guys and may cause uncontrollable laughter or some erotic reveries. The Playa is an in-your-face place, and stuff happens there. What happened to me was that I fell off my bike twice, and accidentally served the vegetarians refried beans with lard, but so it goes. Dust storms, hook ups, the farce and frolic of being in the desert for a week with a gentle anarchy. Ahhhhh.

Guys, don't read this. You don't want to know.

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