Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pretty Good Pizza

The cold, half-eaten pizza is displayed, but not without a certain yumminess.

If you read the blog regularly, you may recall that I am not the greatest fan of pizza, at least the general greasy cheese variety. And no matter what, I don't ever want to eat it more than once every two weeks, so this puts me at odds with our society, but hey, alienation is nothing new.

I do, however, like my own pizza. Wouldn't you know? How is it different?

I buy the crust at the grocery store, either frozen or at the bread counter. A ball of yeast dough. Then, I scour what's in the house. Right now, we have a feast period.

Garlic, olive oil, home grown tomatoes, basil, sage, onion, red and green peppers, arugula.

Zowie! I bought some grated mozzarella. Yikes, the price of cheese has skyrocketed. Also bought some pepperoni. The quantities of pepperoni they force you to buy is absurd. This will yield about 6 pizzas. But it keeps. I also bought a small stalk of broccolli. Are you getting the idea? Veggies to the max.

A layer of garlic oil, a sprinkle of cheese, tomatoes and veggies, pepperoni, more cheese, and topped with parmesan flakes. Oh yum! Into a 500 degree oven until the crust is brown. Leave off the pepperoni and you have a wonderful vegetarian pizza.

Makes us two meals, because the topping is so generous. Love those hot melting tomatoes. Yum, yum, yum.


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