Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wired Magazine Rocks!

Holy freaking crap! It worked! Received beaucoup hits yesterday. Wired Magazine rocks! Buzzwords rock! Lego! Linux! Apple! Holy freaking crap! Geek power!

Now we got that out of the way, I can get to the more pedestrian things, like dinner last night.
In the continued effort to conserve gasoline, I try not to run to the grocery all the time, even though it's only 2.5 miles away--that's still 65 cents and one-half hour, and usually some aggro due to experiencing Check-Out-Line-Rage in the so-called quick check out. Is there ever a queue that causes more pain and aggravation?

Did I ever tell you about the woman with the expired $2 coupon for a ham who swore she had the manufacturer's dispensation to go ahead and use the coupon? That sort of thing. People buying ciggies at the last minute and the clerk has to leave the checkout and go and unlock the stupid ass case where the supermarket stashes cigarettes. I mean, it might as well be oxycontin they way they keep them locked up.

O.K. dinner. We had frozen chicken breasts with skin and bones, the real McCoy. I sprinkled same with Penzey's Ozark seasoning, and sauteed in a bit of butter and oil. Meanwhile, I used some oil and olive oil to saute onion, garlic and tomatoes. Tossed in the last of the dried bell pepper flakes and salt and pepper. After that came the Basmati rice, chicken broth, and some yummy gelatinous meat glop from the bottom of the roast chicken container from the store. Added the browned breasts, popped on a lid and cooked until the rice was done. Yowsa! Side dishes were broccoli and a salad made of romaine, white asaparagus, green onion and fresh chopped herbs with some of Annie's Organic Buttermilk dressing. Canned white asparagus makes a decidedly good salad.

The tomatoes (and the rest of the garden) got rain last night, a nice big rain. Ah, nature.

The MAN (Burning Man) Burns in not that many days, and again, I won't be there. Quite frankly, I'm absolutely crushed that Festival Madness has received such a lukewarm reception among the agents (lots of California literary agents) I've queried. Again, no one likes the freaking story, but "the writing has promise." Yeah yeah. For those who don't regularly read this blog, the entire middle of Festival Madness is set at Burning Man. By the way, the photo is the Temple Burning at the Man. 2004, most likely.

Words cannot convey how disheartening it is to have written yet a 5th book, five, count 'em, that gets this lukewarm reception and yada yada, the state of the market, that's right blame everything on the publishers and the readers.

What is totally aggravating, and some days everything is aggravating, (this must be one of them) is that there are countless readers who would gobble this up, the readers of The Shadow Warriors who are waiting for the next book. But since Warriors bears the awful, hideous taint of the self-published and eeeek, POD, since I took it back from the now-disappeared e-publisher and put it in print rather than have an unread e-book sitting there, well, it's kind of like a Muslim girl who ain't a virgin, if you get the drift. Damaged goods. Ah yes.

Hey! I'm sure I'll feel better if I go upstairs and scarf down some breakfast. Raisin Bran. Do you want to know my raisin bran secret? It tastes especially fine with a dollop of heavy cream. Well, there goes the healthy benefits of bran and fiber. Suck It Up.

Eat well, and stay away from novel-writing. These unpublished novels are doing a number on my mental health and sucking it up year after year is no way to live. You shouldn't do that. I'll bear the pain for both of us.


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