Monday, July 07, 2008

We visit the Bass Pro Shop

Today we made the trek to Foxboro Stadium and the Bass Pro Shop.
Lots of animals, stuffed and bronzed, live fish, guns, tackle, clothes, food, target shooting, even toys and all manner of sporting goods. If you want to go into the woods in total camoflage, this is the place, and you can even bring a camoflaged cooler. How suave is that?
Significant Other, Adult Male Relative, and Small House Guest were wowed by different aspects. SHG liked the toys: tiny tents, coolers, action figures, all the stuff that her Polly Pockets may need including male action figures.
AMR was just short of "sharpshooter" with the guns. Don't know how they do that. Must be lasers. Lots of fun. The outhouse door flew open, bear came out, crow jumped up and down, all becaue of the rifle.
AMR found cool shorts on sale. I browsed but refuse to wear horizontal stripes. Makes plump look downright fat, and fat fatter, and even skinny becomes round. SHG doesn't like tank tops.
I see adult influences, but not being a tank top gal myself, I don't push her into such attire.
We leave with purchases, but without dropping a bundle. Discovered Bass Pro Shops has cheap suet, just like Ocean State used to have but doesn't, for the same price. Suet is hard to get in the supermarkets in summer (the birds stop eating? Why hadn't I noticed?) but the woodpeckers and other suet eaters, never mind the squirrels and the ugly blackbirds and the catbirds and even the chipmunks, are still ravenous, with babies to feed after all. Except for the cat bird who lets others do her chick raising. Bad bird.
After all the rain the garden is so luxuriant and the astilbe are blooming proud and straight, and every flower is in its glory. Even the indoor geranium has decided it's high time to put forth a few blossoms. Yay!
Tonight we're grilling pork chops and SHG can eat the pasta leftovers, and yummy they are with farfalle, asparagus, Italian cream cheese (mascarpone), chives and parmesan flakes. Topped with toasted hazelnuts. Yum! Sometimes vegetarian is fab.
I need to write something before tonight. This book is still speaking to me.

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