Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wild Turkey

A flock of wild turkeys arrived across the street in the woods around dinner time (for them and for us). Significant Other caught one of them after crossing the street--caught on film not physically, of course. After they left we put out some corn we keep for the waterfowl. The turtle doves found it first.
A day of basically good stuff. The Shadow Warriors got a nice review that went up on the Barnes and Noble and Amazon sites. I now have two reviews on Amazon. Would you believe it, after five years? That's the great thing about POD. The book stays in print and the author can continue to flog it, promoting ages after the pub. date.
If you want to read the review you can click on the Amazon link on this blog.
My garden looks unbelievably lush with a rainbow of colors. The $1.00 miniature rose is going to bloom. Tomatoes are like a jungle.
We spent yesterday on Martha's Vineyard, ferrying and busing and driving and gawking and eating and riding the carousel, and picking up a bit of a sunburn. Now it doesn't get much better than that.
So, now it's off to divvy up the blueberry tart, and scoop up some vanilla ice cream and dig in. We had my from-scratch tuna and noodles tonight--I make my own white sauce and season it with salt, pepper, dried bell pepper flakes, onion, chives, and a few hot pepper flakes. We put crushed potato chips on the top. I also use (drained) tuna in olive oil. More expensive, but it tastes like something. Hate tuna in water. Yuck!
Here is the Amazon link. Buy the book. Read a female techno-thriller. How cool is that?
Miles to go before I sleep.

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