Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Seagull's Revenge

For our harbor islands tour, we took along a partial sack of stale movie popcorn to feed the seagulls. They ate it and retreated to a puddle where they could get the salty taste out of their beaks. A few minutes later a seagull deposited a disgusting mess on my 4th best T-shirt. Fortunately, I had a cotton sweater that I could wear so that I didn't have to wear the yellow "S" all afternoon.

Actually I was shat on twice this week, the second time by a fellow writer who used such comforting terms as "sentences are so choppy . . . characters such smart-asses. . . no editor is going to get past the first paragraph before rejecting it."

And maybe that is actually happening. If I hadn't had editors and agents tell me I was a good writer, I'd be desolate. Now I'm just . . . bemused.

My characters are computer types who are not the most touch-feely people in the world, because they are mostly thinkers, not feelers. Although scratch a thinker and you will au fond, find a feeler. Of course, a few were feelers, and deciders. We did a TDF session in our IT department once, and 85 percent were thinkers. The thinkers were all exhausted by a full day or having to interact with others. . . we wanted to be in our cubicles programming.

The "feelers" went home energized. I don't know what writers are. Or readers. Apparently I don't know much of anything. Does that make me like Socrates?

Doubt it.

The fireworks after the Pawsox game were totally awesome, as was the traffic after the game. We ate all the junk foods except cheese fries and cotton candy. I draw the line somewhere.

Back to my awful characters and bad sentences.



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