Tuesday, June 17, 2008

When Old Money Marries New Media

The Sunday Styles section of the NY Times featured an article about Blogger Melissa C. Morris, a NYC "society wife" who apparently caught the bachelor of the decade a few years ago. Lots of people are asking , "how did she do it?"

I read the article and her blog and the answer would seem to be that not only is she attractive but she's smart and also nice and looks like she might even be lots of fun. The gentleman in question was probably ready to marry and settle down. There's such a thing as being in the right place at the right time.

So . . . sometimes endless speculation has perfectly reasonable answers if anyone takes the trouble to think about it.

The thing is, if you're a computer person and programmed and analyzed and did all that work for a living, you can't ever stop analyzing anything and everything. And thinking about stuff. Like why no one is publishing your ever-so-cool books.

I've noticed a lot of good published authors are having a hell of a time. It's kind of like the movies. Lots of huge blockbusters, and then a few "little" films, like Juno sneak up on everyone. Saw Juno yesterday, compliments of Netflix. O.K., I am not the first one out of the blocks to see big movies, or small movies. Haven't even seen Sex in the City yet.

I have 15 pages and 3500 words on the new book which now has a working title, "In Flight," but nothing to do with airplanes. The character even has a last name, someone from my home town. Not too worried that she'll freak. After all the book has to be finished, polished, find an agent and then a publisher, and be bought and read. How likely is all that? I only have control over the finishing and the polishing. Sounds like jewelry. In a way it is.

I dithered over finding a gangster name that didn't belong to someone I googled. Finally harkened to a name back in fifth grade. Writers remember every bloody thing.

What else is new? While we're on the Times' Style Section: Cool Fendi handbag, cool Ralph Lauren pink blouse. He never loses his touch. The photos of the big HEAT WAVE showed quite a few women wearing black. Don't they know?

The first car ever was black and in Houston. No A.C. I arrived everywhere drenched with sweat. Black is not a good hot weather color. Black and white, that's different. Cool.

$695 Gucci shoes on the front page of Sunday Styles. I would break an ankle. Father's Day already history. Chanel fall clothes showing up. Summer sales. La Di Dah.

I made beef tacos last night. To die for. Tonight will be Kielbasa with sauerkraut and new potatoes. Drop a comment if you want the sauerkraut recipe. Can't just open a can. Sorry.

Made tuna salad out of the remaining tuna from the affaire nicoise. Again, drop a comment for my tuna recipe. A few little tricks. Shabby secrets, that's all.

Ye gods, this turned into a long post.


Almost forget. Here's the link to the socialite blog. Cute graphics. Cute dog.

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