Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pie Oh My!

With the approach of summer we have a world of pie possibilities: cherry, berry, plum, and any demented combination you can dream up.
With pie in mind, here are some tips on making the perfect crust from King Arthur.
Maybe the Knights of the Round Table used ye olde table to roll out the pie crust on. What do I know?
When I was fourteen and knew everything, I worked one summer at my uncle's restaurant and variety store in central Kansas. Early every morning, a bunch of aunts and cousins, all elderly, all women, came in and baked a host of pies. From scratch, natch!
They made everything: cherry? yup Berry, amen! Apple, of course, and some things my mom never made like custard, yum! Raisin! Chocolate. to die for. Pie oh my! I still remember it.
Peach and apricot! Don't forget them. Ah what could be better than a slice of fresh peach pie?

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