Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sucking It up on the Roads and at the Registry

You know you're in Massachusetts when your friend tells you she spent all day at the DMV aka the Registery. In Reno, they can process hundred of people in an hour. Why not here?

You know you're in Massachusetts when a Jeep cuts off a dump truck and the resulting accident closes the freeway for 3 hours at rush hour.

You know you're in Massachusetts when they kick everyone off the subway and tell them to take the shuttle bus, while in the station they tell everyone the buses aren't running anymore. Wait for the train.

You know you're in Massachusetts when you're racing to get home before the bad storm hits and the ramp from 128 to I-95 is suddenly closed and there's a sign to take route 138. That's all there is. No detour signs, no directions. Take 138 to where? We knew how to get home via the back roads, but someone from Maine heading for New York sure as hell wouldn't appreciate being lost in the wilds of Canton. Or Stoughton. Or Taunton. Or wherever. Fall River, anyone?

When all these events happen within two days of each other, you know for sure you're in Massachusetts.

Yowsa! Once I was standing in one of three long lines at the Registry and they closed my line while the clerk went to lunch. He told us to get into one of the other lines. Yup.


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