Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday is Cat Blog Day

Annie gazing at the camera.

And sometimes the cats just aren't very bloggable. I wouldn't gross you out with the description of the hair ball that Thisbe coughed up yesterday, with some weird green plastic in it. She has a tendency to eat twine or anything stringy. This morning she went onto the front porch (adventure time) and saw something rustling in the bushes where the birds (mostly sparrows but sometimes doves) eat the spilled food. Great excitement, but in the end it was Just Too Scary, and she came back inside.

In the meantime, Annie, her housemate had a nap in the garage. No place beats the garage on a cool morning for a private nap. Then Annie came downstairs to lurk in her favorite spot where she can attack Thisbe after she comes downstairs into Annie's territory, the home office.

Actually, Annie has sort of given up chasing Thisbe out of the office, and my feeling is that she is getting used to hanging with her down here.

We have cat birds gobbling up the suet, and ugly blackbirds that I don't like. A cardinal across the street, and the woodpeckers feeding their young. A gazillion little goldfinch battles over the thistle seed feeder. Always the males. The drama in the backyard. Who needs violent movies? All the rain made the tomatoes like, explode, and the sage is still blooming like crazy.

A fresh pot of cat grass in the kitchen, for the kitties eating pleasure. Annie prefers the grass outside, and when she sneaked out this week, S.O. caught her while she was nibbling some. That cat takes her paw and opens the screen door. Freedom now!



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