Monday, June 23, 2008

Odyssey Review

Every now and then I send a book out to a review site, and sometimes it takes pretty much forever, and one tends to forget all about these forays, since they produce a review but so far as I can tell, no sales.

Or maybe everyone buys them 2nd hand at Amazon. Hey, I've done that. At least the book gets readers and who knows where it goes?

So last night, when I had an email from a website asking ME for a copy of The Shadow Warriors based on another review, my ears pricked up. I found the review, which just came out a couple days ago. On the whole it is good (4 medallions) and probably even fair, although the reviewer wanted MORE TECHNOLOGY, which I doubt the general public does.

I am old enough to know you can't please everyone. See the prior Muffin Post.

So if you are curious about The Shadow Warriors or thinking of buying a copy, this review may be of some interest or even help.

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