Friday, June 27, 2008

Dinner Party

Eeek! I haven't posted for days. Two houseguests in residence, and now a dinner party. Yesterday we had a Duck Boat Tour of Boston. Much fun, then on to the Museum of Science for an afternoon of really cool stuff. This is a great museum which should be put on any Boston vacation. The butterfly garden itself is worth the trip.

Last night we had a wonderful Indian feast at Masala in Needham. One can go crazy with just the breads. The youngest guest is a vegetarian and just loves the long menu of stuff that caters to her eating habits. We came home to feast on home made lemon lime ice milk which tastes rich and wonderful and I'm thinking ice milk is a misnomer.

So for tonight I am making a barbequed brisket, salad of red peppers and roasted califlower, rice pudding with fresh poached rhubarb and glaze, corn on the cob, smoked trout on endive with an herbed cream cheese, various appetizer cheeses. Not served in that order, of course.

Couldn't find trout at the fish counter, and had to buy already smoked at Trader Joe's who always reliably stocks it.

Corn came from Ward's berry farm which was aswarm with kids picking strawberries. Cute little girls in sun dresses with pails. Like a impressionist painting.

So now to wrap up details, vacuum, finish laundry, all that stuff and even set the table. Kitchen smells so good.

Bon appetit!


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