Monday, June 23, 2008

A Blueberry Muffin Kind of Day

The muffins you make yourself, especially from old recipes, taste nothing like the supermarket/Dunkin Donuts fare. They aren't as big or as sweet and anyone who never ate an old fashioned muffin probably wouldn't even like them.

But I do. So this morning, with two pints of super cheap (99 cents) blueberries in the fridge, I dug out an old recipe and got going. Discovered at the last possible moment that the recipe made 24 muffins and I had one muffin tin of twelve. Found some miniature tins in the cabinet, and used those.

Came out pretty well. Could have used a few more blueberries to my taste. The recipe called for orange peel and orange juice, so that made them quite tasty. Good for breakfast or a snack. I limited myself to one of the tiny ones.

S.O. ate a large one and pronounced them good.

Last night we had a fantastic steak dinner. The creamed spinach was particularly good. I put some crumbled (real bacon) in it, and a generous grating a fresh nutmeg which just arrived from Penzey's spices.

The cucumber salad, 100% from scratch with home grown dill was also fine. I made the dressing from low-fat plain yogurt, mayo, a little white vinegar and a pinch of sugar. Salt and pepper, natch. I slice the cukes in the Cuisineart and the salad looks pretty, too.

Steak was from D'Arpinos in Mansfield, who always have good meat. Recipe was from either Gourmet or Bon Appetit. Marinated in herbs, garlic and olive oil. How can you lose?

Kitchen was a total mess. I think I would ditch the washing machine before the dishwasher. Really.

The corn is good this year.

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