Saturday, April 05, 2008

A Recipe Obsession

First it was Gourmet. Then finally, a cheap subscription opportunity to Bon Appetit. A relative recommended Cooks Illustrated. I got a free companion air ticket if I subscribed to Food and Wine. Of course the Globe and the NY Times and even the Wall Street Journal have recipes.

At the dentist the week I read Saveur, and tempted, told myself, no way. For a person who is always dieting, why do I put temptation front and center. It's not like I'm subscribing to Cooking Light.

And of course there's the web recipes: Epicurious that has a reprise from Bon Appetit and Gourmet. There's the Weber Kettle recipes, the smoker recipes, the this, the that.

I have 5 of my own "cookbooks" and 10 or so folders labeled "chicken" "salad" and well, you know, these folders are growing and I need to separate the stuff I've made from the stuff I want to try.

If we live into the next century I'll never make all the cakes I've clipped. Yesterday, in anticipation of company, I made a coffee cake like affair, with a thick yummy crumb topping. It was from Food and Wine and a photo follows. The day before we had enchiladas verdes, and were they ever good, both the chicken and the cheese.

It's hard to find tomatillos in New England. Tried to grown them once and it was a miserable failure: huge plants, no fruit.

See the next post for a photo of the cake.


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