Friday, April 04, 2008

No White Socks in Mansfield

I remember how annoyed I was when Filene's pulled out of Wellesley, and I had to drive to Natick for staples such as underwear and what-have-you, moisturizer, for example.

Today, buying groceries, I remembered that a member of the household needed white athletic socks. I drove out of Norton and all the way through downtown Mansfield looking for a store that sold white socks.

I passed sixty-jillion pizza parlors, nail parlors, restaurants, emporiums selling this, that, and the-other-thing, like baseball cards and beads. But was there a store that sold basic notions like white socks?

There was not.

I could have chanced CVS or Rite Aid, but I didn't. I knew LL Bean would have socks, but that was out of the way and I would have paid more than I wanted, which was next-to-nothing. In Foxboro, I found the Ocean State Job Lot, where I could buy suet for the birds. The job lot also had a large selection of socks in all sizes, styles and colors, including basic white, 6 for 4.99 with a 12 month guarantee. Such a deal.

I also bought 4 more 100% Cotton Ralph Lauren napkins for $2.99. Now I have 4 white and 4 tan. And suet. The birds are greedy now that nesting season is here. And we continue our gracious living.

I saw turkey vultures circling a suburban yard in Mansfield. Something dead. Or maybe some very old white socks. Who knows? Where there are turkey vultures, I don't think there is gracious living.


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