Sunday, November 12, 2006

Busy Weekend is Over

Too much stress causes short term memory loss. This weekend, we lost and found signage, keys, money, cell phone, jacket, camera, and other assorted items. Good lord. Too much to keep in my head, too much red wine, not enough sleep. Life is good! :)

Two agents want to see partials of World of Mirrors, and I may query a few more. An editor read the first 15 pages of Promiscuous Mode and recommended several changes. Good to get feedback on the first draft. Now I really need to finish the book and see what it looks like. Crazy huh? 88,000 words and I'm not sure what I've got. Another recommendation: a scene by scene summary. Used to do that. Got away from it. Bad!

If anyone reading this is ever in Lowell, MA around lunch or dinnertime, try La Boniche for a delightful meal. I love to find a new restaurant! It's a storefront on the main drag, Merrimac Street. There is the coolest dress shop across the street that has perfect Burning Man gowns. Really sexy. Remember Fredericks of Hollywood? These dresses are like that. Oooh! La! La! Part of my disappointment at not doing the Man this year was that I had no reason to strafe into that dress shop and try stuff on. Burning Man afterburns (decompression) are featured in the Sunday New York Times Styles Section today. The Big Apple has adopted The Man. Now I really gotta get that book done. Hope the Man scenes don't have to be cut.

Frozen Mac and Cheese for dinner. Have to watch Helen Mirren as Jane Tennyson at 9:00. Love those conflicted characters. Yes indeed!


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