Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My New Pitch for World of Mirrors

Quite frankly, I hardly recognize the description. I wrote this book? Hmmmm. O.K., it's been "sexed up." It if catches someone's eye enough to make them want to read the manuscript, then it is successful. I'll be posting it to Miss Snark (yikes) in December.

World of Mirrors is a 98,000-word psychological suspense novel set in the chaos that is East Germany in the year after the wall goes down. When American hi-tech guru Zara Gray is blackmailed into hunting down stolen secrets, the search leads her to a Baltic island—and a deadly encounter with a sociopath. Her partner in the hunt is old boyfriend TK Drummond, a failed spy with no reason to love her and every reason to betray her.

This is the last post until Sunday. I'm off to a mystery conference. Watch out for hi-tech gurus, sociopaths, and failed spies.

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