Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Gone Forever

I threw my mom's stuffing recipe away. Don't remember when. Guess I thought I would never make it again, true, but to toss it? It was the world's 2nd best stuffing recipe. I usually make the world's best or Pepperidge Farm doctored up. All I can remember if that it had mashed potatoes and bread along with celery in it. Damn. Damn. Damn. It is gone forever.

Too busy, moderately depressed but not by rejection, for a change. I think it is the idea of spending Thanksgiving alone. Seems kind of sad, really. I used to take in lots of "strays," but not this year. No kids, no cousins, nobody.

Tomorrow you'll get THE WORLD'S BEST STUFFING RECIPE, my contribution to the holiday. And I'll also post how you can doctor up stuffing to make it really really good.

The next post will be a recall of a long ago Thanksgiving when we were young and energetic.



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