Sunday, October 15, 2006


Long Lake in the morning mist

Significant Other used the Cannnon film camera, not the digital camera, and to me the photo looks better than digital.

This was the view out of our motel room in the a.m. The motel, seen in an earlier photo, had 3 things going for it: 1) the view, 2) an excellent and powerful shower head and 3) cleanliness. Not a bad location either.

I looked at the NY Times Best Seller list and the Boston Globe Best Seller list today. They intersect, to be sure, but Boston is always more "literary." I think the Globe list surveys independent book stores that get more "serious" readers.

A list taken from Cosco and Walmart would still be different. Or your local grocery store. Most of the readers I know who are "serious" readers like to patronize the independent book stores. I buy books all over, except not at Walmart (we do buy kitty litter there) including used ones from Amazon. When resources are limited, one isn't too picky.

I have discovered Jacqueline Winspear and Maisy Dobbs, via Pardonable Lies. Loved it. This is the first writer for a long time who has really held my interest and attention. With no bad language and no sex. And barely a murder. I have another one of her books that I will start next. So excited to find a new writer I can love. I actually saw her at the MWA event at the New York Yacht Club, the big anniversary party at Edgar's week. Miss Winspear won a skid load of prizes for Maisy Dobbs, which I will surely read, and that was the first novel that kicked off the series. First published by Soho Press. I had great hopes for Soho which alas, came to naught along with many other writing hopes. But hope, as they say, springs eternal, or I wouldn't be in the wilds of the Adirondacks doing research for my 5th novel with only one in print.

Annie my cat has joined me and is lounging by the printer. Tomorrow we're (not with Annie) doing a power drive to the Big Apple because I want to see the eating utentil exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt before it closes. Somehow, art exhibits and concerts and all that stuff somehow inspires my writing and feeds the creative vein. Now I actually need to do some writing.



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