Monday, October 16, 2006

Adirondacks ad infinitum

Well, not quite. Here is another Adirondack photo. This is the stream/river in the area of the big Boy Scout Reservation, open to the public when the scouts aren't in residence. Cam you see the canoist just to the right of center? The canoe is white.

This morning we drove down to the Big Apple, took in 2 shows at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, one ironically enough featuring America's great vacation areas such as the Adirondacks as painted by Frederick Church and others. In my mind, the paintings didn't rally do justice to the scenery. What boggled the mind was the women riding and climbing and fishing in their long, full skirts, hats and non-sports shoes.
The second show, Feeding Desire, Design and Tools of the Table, 1500-2005, and sponsored by Tiffany, was fascinating. Eating is a communal activity (at least it should be) and in the bad old days folks had to take their silverware along with them when they were invited out. This let to all sorts of cool carrying cases and folding forks. Part of the exhibit was a video of paintings of banquets through the ages. Some of the more fantastic modern tableware looked exceedingly uncomfortable, like it might jab you in the finger. No tableware, no matter how humble was left unexhibited, including the airline silver, (small and elegant and simple) and plastic picnicwear and even the wood forks and camping utensils.

We grabbed a quick bite at the Guggenheim, and beat it back toward Boston, getting into the rush hour around Bridgeport.

Between Boston and NYC the colors are best in the north. New York still doesn't have that heavy color of fall, nor does Connecticutt in the south. The red maples this year are tempermental, and appear to be losing their red leaves as they turn. Bummer.

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