Saturday, October 14, 2006

Long Lake at Dusk

Back to the scenery. It ain't all unmade beds and counter meals! This is sort of the yin and yang of writing. Describing the beauty and the ordinariness as well. In the details we take the reader right into the scene. I am reminded of Stephen Shore's photographs. He took fantastic photos of meals in diners, motel rooms, road trips, the telling details of life on the road.

I made some killer brownies this morning to take to a birthday party. Last night we had colcannon, a concoction of mashed potatoes, cabbage, scallions, milk, and lots and lots of butter. Served with thick sliced bacon. Yum! The recipe is from Vincent Price's old cookbook, and while it's kind of peasant food, I doubt if the poor folk were pouring on the butter and chomping down the bacon. It's nice when the seasons change and we can go from salady food and something quick on the grill to the substantial entrees. The cabbage was so fresh and green and the Yukon gold potatoes were everything a potato should be. It froze last night, but we covered the tomatoes. Trying to get those last few vine ripened.


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