Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Five Rejections!

I'm still brooding about a gawdawful day with five (5) rejection letters. I took two actions, one smart, one stupid. The smart one was to look for more agents to query. Stupid was to actually email the agent who sent the off center, higgelty-piggelty rejection letter with faded print and weird little dots all over the page. I told him the form letter did not represent his agency well. So what the hell, I burned a bridge. The way I feel tonight I could send nasty letters to every agent who ever sent an icky form letter, particularly a form letter which mostly apologizes for being a form letter.

More and more literary agents are not accepting queries. More and more small publishers are not accepting submissions. How do you like them apples? Catch-22.

Based on something I read in Miss Snark, my queries will get a revision. Don't know if this will help. Honest to god, I am like the fat person who seizes on every goddamn diet, follows it, doesn't lose weight and on to the next! Grapefruit, fiber, no carbs, good carbs, the Atkins, South Beach, Raratonga, that's me in agenting. It's really pathetic.

Come to think of it, I will quit this snivelling post and read Miss Snark.

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