Sunday, July 30, 2006

Syringes and Me

Last night, 13 hours after she entered her hidey hole, Thisbe emerged, ate a little, drank a little, freshened up, and sniffed her new catnip. While she was engrossed in the finest leaves and blossoms, I readied the syringe, approached the cat, disinfected the chosen area on her back, and stuck the syringe into my finger. Thank god I did not depress the plunger, or I would have given myself a small dose of insulin. Grabbed a piece of loose skin on kitty's back and gave her a shot. Wasn't too bad, and she didn't freak, I didn't freak, and S.O. didn't freak. She took a bath and had lovey time and everyone went to bed happy. I mixed the Dr. Atkins kitty diet with the regular food, and again, neither of the cats went on a hunger strike.

On the cow front, we walked to the cows this morning, hoping they would be there, toting past-prime apples and cheap supermarket bread. We saw Mama and baby. Baby's name is MaryLou and Mama's name is Iris. The farmer came out of the barn and we chatted for a while. Old Mama is also pregnant and will deliver in about a month. Her name is Maggie. Last year's baby (now two years old) is also with calf and is due to deliver anytime. The sweet-faced young bull has been a busy boy. It will be such fun to have calves together, romping, bleating and playing. Watch for calf picture. It is still on S.O.'s computer.


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