Saturday, July 29, 2006

Thisbe - Part 2

The vet called yesterday and confirmed that Thisbe is diabetic. We took her in late yesterday for an insulin shot, which was also a lesson on how to give them at home. Seems fairly simple, except that one will have to catch her. Significant Other let her into her furnace room hidey hole this a.m., and now it will be hell to get her out, as we have a small house guest that she would just as soon not encounter. The problem will be finding someone to do come in and give her the insulin if we take a weekend trip or a vacation. Wouldn't be so bad if she wasn't a 'fraidy cat.

We also have some new presciption cat food that I will begin mixing into the rest of the cat food. Both cats will be put on the high protein diet, kind of like Atkins For Cats, and they should loose weight (Annie is a little on the plump side, too). So we'll have sleek cats. Maybe I should eat it along with them. Three bowls on the kitchen floor. My hope is that if we get Thisbe slimmed down, the insulin might not be necessary. Time, as always, will tell.

I hope the insulin experience isn't like my first attempt at sterilizing baby bottles years ago. It was ugly.

The profession of nurse was always right below school bus driver on my career list. All the so-called "feminine" professions were. I was keen on civil engineering and quantum mechanics, but settled for computer programming. Machine, not people-oriented. Now there are choices.

Choices are good, as long as there aren't too many like women's clothing in a big department store. And most of them ugly. But I digress.



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