Monday, July 31, 2006

More Queries

Today the 13th query letter goes out. That will make 6 for World of Mirrors and 7 for Promiscuous Mode this week alone. One agent had the good sense to say NOT to send a SASE, that if she like the writing, she would get back to me. 100 queries at 39 cent is $39.00. Save a bit of money. I could take a nice vacation on what I've spent on queries over the years. That would include 3 full manuscuripts sent a $10 - $12 a pop for which I've received NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER. Ah well, suck it up.

I've been re-reading the How to Write a Mystery book published by MWA. Sue Grafton was the editor. I do like her books. Lewis on PBS (the sequel to Morse) was not bad last night. Better than the weird glop they've been serving up as Miss Marple. I always liked Morse, too, with his hopeless luck with women and the classical music, the boozing, the brains. Flawed characters are so much more interesting, don't you think? No, you want St. Augustine solving mysteries? He was flawed, too, until he got religion. Ha ha! Take this idea for a new series. It's yours.

I am going to a) fix breakfast, b) work in the garden before it gets to hot, and c) come in and take a shower. It's nice to have simple goals. Maybe I'll even write a few pages today. The dog days of August are almost here.



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