Monday, September 01, 2014

Whither German Food?

Saturday night we visited Bronwyn in Sommerville MA's Union Square.  BTW, Union Square was just written up in yesterday's Boston Globe. 
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Difficult would be an understatement for finding decent German/Middle European Food in the Boston area.  Bronwyn met the challenge and it was a delightful meal.  They have a small beer garden, a bustling bar, and a packed dining room.  Our waitress was friendly and eager to answer  questions about the menu.  At long last I tasted Currywurst.  Good beer and I had an interesting white wine from  Croatia.  Go figure.  The kids at the table next to us were scarfing down giant "Bretzels,"  (pretzels) while their parents ate Waygu Beef Saurbraten.  Didn't try the saurbraten, but it looked good.  Dessert didn't disappoint.  Bronwyn

The square bustled with people on the street and in sidewalk cafes.  "Making the scene," as we used to say back in the day, actually way, way back in the day.

When we first moved to Boston, there was the stellar Cafe Budapest with Hungarian food to die for.   Oh God, it was good.  Jacob Wirth's fair was plain but traditional.  The Wurst Haus in Harvard Sqaure was already in decline.  Jacob Wirth is the only one left, and sorry to say, it's mediocre at best, although we did get dynamite hamburgers once after the theatre, but hamburgers ain't German.

It's even hard to find German food in the Big Apple these days.  Hell, it can be hard to find traditional German food in Germany, where much mediocre Italian, "Doner Kebabs," and other ethnic offerings stymie the tourist.  Locals always knoow where to go and we are fortunate to have relatives who know country restaurants and places where a traditional meal can still be found. 

A friend mentioned a place called Faust in Providence at the Dean Hotel.  Menu looked good.  Will try soon and report back. 

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