Friday, August 15, 2014

Guest Blogger for Terry O'Dell

On Tuesday, August 19th, I'm the guest blogger on Terry O'Dell's blg.  Find out what the strangest thing I did in the name of research, what kitchen utensil I would be, and what's on my desk?  If  you like to read about the writing life, this will be the place.  See you then!  Terry's Place
And more news:  My latest novel, Festival Madness, is only 99 cents as an ebook on Amazon from August 17 - August 24th.  Writing as Judith Copek.  The novel is partially set at the Burning Man Festival as well as in Boston and the Adirondaks,  and in honor of Burning Man I'm offering an ebook everyone can afford--one week only.

Stop by Terry's blog and grab a copy of Festival Madness for your e-reader and we'll be BFF.

Sorry to have neglecting this blog, but I've been writing and more writing and hosting endless company and cooking up a storm and gardening--all not conducive  to blogging.   You can also read my Proust blog at Reading Proust in Foxborough.  

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