Saturday, October 06, 2012

Tweet! Tweet!

I've been on Twitter for a few years and finally amassed over 1000 Tweets.  Don't think I use the system right, as I don't read anything except when  I sign on to Tweet.  My Facebook comments seem to end up on Twitter and my Tweets on Facebook, something I will try to fix. 

One of my big Twitter peeves is all the people who begin their descriptions with either the words "Mom" or "Dad."  I don't know these people, and I do not really care if they are a mom or dad, and the adjective "loving" is even more off-turning.  II have stopped following anyone who mentions the fact of parenthood.  Lots of us are parents, and this aspect of our lives does not inform the tweets that might interest me, tweets about writing, publishing, food, gardening, travel, Boston, or the things I find interesting.  If someone notes a recipe is "kid friendly," well, that may be of interest, but I don't care if these are your kids, grandkids, the neighborhood gang, or whomever.  End of rant.

Beautiful fall day in Boston. Maples are turning.  25 mile backup on the Mass Pike yesterday.  People heading to the Berkshires for the long Columbus Day weekend, or may to New York City.

Made a quick trip to Walmart before the crowds.  Beginning of the month is always crazy, because that's when the Social Security, Pension, etc. checks come in.  Our Walpole Walmart has a great new supermarket.  Cider and apples are dear this fall, and the stores have already raised the price of canned applesauce, although I suspect it's not necessarily made with this season's apples.  Always a big Gotcha!  The price of cider is out of sight.  Grrr.

Dogwood and Rulon, the two who mix it up early in the morning in the bedroom
Grumpy today because awakened by a cat fight in the bedroom very early.  Can't they  find another room?

We thought someone had stolen our "Garten Zwerg"  (garden dwarf) but Significant Other  had brought it in and forgotten that he did.  The dwarf is small, smiling a jolly smile and he grips a mug or beer.  Brought all the way from the Fatherland.

The deck begonias are blooming their hearts out.  Nasturtiums still good, as is verbena.  Picked the last two tomatoes yesterday.  Still lots of color in the gardens.  I've seen daisies blooming as well as asters.  My sedum is glorious.

The Pope's Butler got 18 months.  Too bad he wasn't assigned cat care.  See previous post.  I am off to do some garden chores and give the cat her insulin.  Schedule got a little disrupted yesterday.  Usually she comes and tells me.  Animals are amazing.


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