Monday, June 04, 2012

Yet Another Summer Menu

It's cold in the Boston area this week and rainy today.  Yesterday I was a weeding fool, because the ground was so wet from Friday's rain and the weeds surrendered their roots with ease.  The wildflower garden looked so much better.  Damned chipmunks are digging everywhere, and something is eating the leaves of the marigolds, which I planted to DETER the bugs.  Mysterious.

We're have a friend for dinner tomorrow, and the menu is thus:

Broiled stuffed mushrooms

Barbecued Brisket

Sweet Corn and Basmati Rice Salad

Green Salad


Orange Mascarpone Tart with Pistachios

 Stuffed Mushrooms are almost a clich√© but they're so tasty.  And easy.  And cheap!  The brisket is huge.  It is mostly cooked indoors then put on the grill to brown.  Good idea, due to the weather forecast.   The sweet corn and basmati rice salad is one of my summer faves.  The dessert is so tasty AND pretty and can be made with a dairy case pie crust.  

Off to cook up a storm.  I'll provide photos tomorrow.  

Links to recipes:  Mascarpone tart with honey, oranges and pistachios 

Sweet Corn and Basmatic Rice Salad  

The mushroom recipe does not appear to be on the Web, nor does the brisket.  There are plenty of recipes for oven cooked brisket (finished on the grill), but I'll have to (grrrr!)  key in the mushrooms.  The thing about them is that they have absolutely 100% ordinary, i.e. cheap ingredients, and offer some choices.  They're delicious, too.  All you need is mushrooms and stuff from your pantry. 


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