Monday, May 28, 2012

West Cemetery, Sharon MA on Memorial Day

Veteran's Grave Marked with Flag and Potted Geranium
We were the only people visiting West Cemetery in Sharon today, an old burying ground that even had the Puritan stones with skull and weeping willow symbolism.  There are two graves at the back that fascinate me.  One is a woman in her 30's in an isolated grave, all my herself.  The other  one, also in the rear is of a young black man from Virgina, a freeman, who drowned at the age of 21.  What is he doing in Sharon, MA.  I am going to have to find out about these.  There are some civil war graves, the Grand Army of the Republic markers, are recognizable.  Every year the veteran's graves get new flags and  a small red geranium in a pot.   There are several old burying grounds in our neighborhood.  The graves are toppling down and one wonders if there will be anything legible in a few years.  It was so peaceful in the cemetery, even with cars whizzing by on the road.   Big trees offered shade.  The trees must be as old as the graves.   All in all, a meaningful outing. 

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