Sunday, May 27, 2012

Two's Company, Three's a Crowd

Dogwood Luxuriates in a Sunbeam
Thisbe on my desk
Rulon with Glasses
Three cats are like three junior high girls, or three jealous old ladies, or well, three cats.  Rulon is jealous as hell, Thisbe has murder in her eye and Dogwood, who (we think) belonged to a crazy cat lady with twenty other cats.  is pretty cool.  Plays "mouse" all day.  Bats her paw at Rulon when he walks by, keeps out of Thisbe's way (when she feels like it) and there is a certain amount of spitting and growling and posturing.  Rulon has been doing male cat behavior and is frequently in the dog house. 

 They eat like there is no tomorrow and the litter box fills accordingly.   Still, it's kind of fun, although Dogwood is in theory a visitor.  We'll see about that.  All are either spayed or "fixed."  Nobody respects his/her own food bowl and there is a constant scrambling for the two window perches.    

I suppose they will all work it out without bloodshed.  


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