Saturday, May 05, 2012

Put your money where your mouth is

I'm going to stand in the Foxborough town square with an election sign today, my first time ever.  Sometimes, one's physical presence is needed to make a point, take a stand, get out the vote, whatever.  We are fighting a big ugly monstrous casino plan in our little suburban neck of the woods.  David and Goliath comes to mind.  Of course I am on David's side.   See more about this later. 

On the writing front I have to compose interview questions today and also keep plugging away at Such Stuff as Dreams.  I found the coolest ever photo of my mom and a friend (my mom is the inspiration for my current novel which is very much NOT about my mom and yet somehow is). 

The photo is from Enid Oklahoma and is of my mom (the one holding a hat) and a girlfriend dressed in boys clothing and out in the country for a gadabout.  These girls in the 1920's had attitude.  Don't you just absolutely love it?

Late 1920's- Earla and Margaret in country clothes
Today I will have "attitude" and also country clothes, which are about all I have any more.


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