Monday, May 14, 2012

Orange Rhoddy

Orange Rhododendron

My orange rhoddy bloomed yesterday, just in time for mother's day.  Christmas cactus is also abloom- the cinco de mayo AND mother's day cactus.  Not a single flower over the holidays.

The rhoddy has never had so many blossoms.  Our mild winter?  Last spring it had 3-4.  This year, wow! 

We are finally getting some warm weather again, without rain and I need to be out in the garden.  'Tis the season.

Here is  a cat photo of the two newest cats, Rulon and Dogwood.  Not named by me.  They get along well and like to play. 

Two Striped Cats
Dogwood is crazy about little gray mice that look real.  Rulon plays with weird stuff like the doorstop in the bathroom.  What's that all about?  They are great kitties and lots of fun. 


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