Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Unintended Consequences

 I have mentioned before that our oaks bore no acorns this fall.  I've been importing them from Long Island, when  possible, and I also  bought 50 pounds of cracked corn.  The squirrels have been indifferent to the cracked corn but the birds like it and I had fond hopes that the wild turkeys would discover it.

Hen and Rooster eating corn in the front yard
Not yet, but guess what?  We are kinda sorta in exurbia, to the degree that some of the land directly around us in zoned farm land.  Which means . . . chickens.  Who found the corn.   I'll be danged.

Uninvited Guests eating cracked corn 

 The rooster is a handsome fellow and knows it.  He approaches one sideways in a half-threatening way.  I just walk on by, saying, "nobody is afraid of you," and he loses his "attitude."  Of course they managed to poop on the sidewalk. 

Never a dull moment.  The cat Thisbe likes to get on her perch and peer out the kitchen window.  Her eyes were as big as saucers when she spotted these two.  The biggest birds she's ever seen.  Oh! Thisbe,  they would probably run away.  On the other hand. . . a rooster with attitude can be quite intimidating to a fraidy cat,

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